New Strings For Freshmen

Orchestra students performing their Solos and Sweets ensemble.


Orchestra students performing their “Solos and Sweets” ensemble.

Kori Turner, Staff Writer

Durant High School’s orchestra had their very first concert of the year “Solos and Sweets” Oct. 12 at the school. Orchestra students performed in an ensemble or as a solo for their fellow classmates and families. After more than four weeks of practice, orchestra participants experienced each other grow and learn while making new friendships.

The musicians enjoyed the class bonding they had with each other through the process and were especially impressed with the concert performance. Freshman Viola Player Lindsay Mettler said, “I think we did amazing, and I’m really proud of the kids who just started playing this year. They did great.”

Many people started this program with no instrumental experience, but a warm welcome was still in store. For other more experienced layers, this is just another chapter in the progress they’ve made as orchestra students since starting in middle school. Freshman Viola Player Alyssa Darrow said she looks forward to “…spending more time with friends because they make playing so much more fun.”

Freshman Cello Player Justin Olivardia is in his first year of playing in an orchestra. “I decided in my freshman year of high school that I was going to elect orchestra as one of my classes the next year,” said Olivardia. “Although I became nervous, excited and even began to question my decision to be in orchestra, I remembered how passionate and certain I had been in the past year and knew I had to take this opportunity to take the class.”

Even with little time to prepare, Olivardia has practiced hard to perform well in front of an audience. “I learned to read music within a week and was able to play in recitals with only 7 weeks of experience.” Olivardia plans to move up into chamber orchestra within the next few years.

Being a part of Durant’s orchestra program is an experience many students won’t be able to get anywhere else. They learn so much about themselves and the people around them while learning to play beautiful music for their community to enjoy. Come out to support Durant’s orchestra program for their Winter Concert in December!