PSAT: Stress And Success

Practice tests for the PSAT were passed out to help students prepare.

Jordan Beck

Practice tests for the PSAT were passed out to help students prepare.

Jordan Beck, Staff Writer

We all know that when tests are afoot everyone goes into panic mode. Everyone is stressed down to the wire. The minds of teachers start to scramble, but all this stress will be well worth it when the students exceed expectations on their Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT). This test is a great way to be introduced to the National Merit Scholarship Program which offers students college funds for high scores.

Freshman Layla White states, “I was unsure if the math portion of the test was going to be something unbelievably hard and difficult to even try and comprehend.” White also has something to say about the stress and benefits of the PSAT, “I think the benefits of the test are definitely worth the stress because the test wasn’t that difficult.”

Students aren’t the only ones that are stressed this time of year. Biology teacher Kenneth Wood states, “Teachers’ patience is diminishing as the students stress about the PSAT. Teachers themselves also start to stress when asked about how students can raise their grades as the end of the quarter slowly approaches.”

From stress to success, the PSAT is a great way to connect students with colleges and scholarship programs. Trying your best on the PSAT is a must. It provides students with a good experience for the SAT if they choose to take it. Everyone in Cougar Nation is glad that this stressful time is over and is waiting to hear about their success.