Having Fun On Halloween!

Eliana ODonnell dressed in her get up on Halloween!

Elianna O'Donnell

Eliana O’Donnell dressed in her get up on Halloween!

Fernanda Emily Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Halloween is a holiday that kids get excited for every year, but for the students of Durant, it was one to remember. With the weather getting cooler and the end of October approaching, all that was occupying student’s minds were costumes, candy, parties and friends. Looking back, it’s clear to see that the spirit of Halloween has definitely not left students!

Some students used this spooky day to kick it with friends until the late hours of the night, others spent it with family. For senior Eliana O’Donnell, this was definitely the case. She decided to initiate the spooky and fun environment. “Me and my boyfriend hosted a couples Halloween party. It was really fun and we played on our switch together,” said O’Donnell. ”We also played Halloween games and [shot] pool together. We do it every year, so the past two Halloweens we’ve done it.” Halloween is a holiday where people can come together and share the invigorating energy of costumes and spookiness, and it seems to have worked out for O’Donnell.

Others like to spend the holiday with family. It’s a perfect time to unite with close relatives and celebrate with creative costumes and candy. This was how senior Natasha Falzone spent her Halloween, “I was in Miami for Halloween, my aunt had a baby shower so I dressed up and went with my family. It was a mandatory dress up so I went as Belle.” A baby shower and Halloween party in one, what an experience! Halloween really tends to bring the creativity out of people to have fun in ways that are only possible during this time of year.

Everyone loves to get dressed and have fun with their community, and the holiday was not wasted this year. Whether it was time with family or friends, the students of Durant definitely had a blast. Now it’s time to wait for next year, when Durant will not forget to celebrate again!