Calendar Girls Take Over The Year

Calendar Girl contestants await the announcing of their months.

River Yebba

Calendar Girl contestants await the announcing of their months.

River Yebba, Staff Writer

Calendar Girl is a fundraiser pageant that raises money for various Durant High School sports programs. This event gives girls the opportunity to share their achievements, poise, and public speaking skills.

Contestant Skylar Sewell said, “I am so thrilled and grateful to get Miss April. Last year I was Miss September, so I have worked my way up towards the front of the calendar.” Although this pageant was a wonderful thing for all of the girls who participated, there were also some pretty tough moments throughout. “My worst moment during the pageant was right before it started. All of the contestants were lined up to enter the auditorium, and I was literally so nervous because I kept accidentally stepping on my dress,” said Sewell.

The crowning of the Cover Girl has always been one of the most suspenseful moments of the Calendar Girl pageant. Gabriel Alba explains, “My best moment during the pageant was being crowned Cover Girl. I was so surprised and excited. I wasn’t expecting the judges to enjoy my answer that much!”

During the question portion of the contest, the contestants had to answer the question, “What lesson can parents learn from their kids today?” From social media to helping the environment, there were many answers given. “Each contestant had something new to add, and it was amazing to see the confidence and personality through each reply,” said Shawn Thomas, an event attendee.

This Calendar Girl event is an amazing fundraiser to raise money for the school and also helps each individual contestant. Congrats to the 2022 Cover Girl and Calendar Girl winners!