Express Yourself In The Thespians Club!

Theater and Thespian Club members on the auditorium stage.

Natalie Doucette

Theater and Thespian Club members on the auditorium stage.

Xenia Welch, Staff Writer

Durant’s Thespians Club, hosted by teacher Steve Arment is an extension of the Theater elective class that strives to allow members the freedom to express themselves through acting and interaction with other thespians.

This year’s first Thespians Club meeting took place on Sept. 14 and during the gathering, members performed improv skits to show a bit of what to expect from the club this year. That experience alone left Sophomore Nicole Yema with an idea of the club’s atmosphere for new members. “It’s a space that allows people to be themselves,” she stated after the event.

A member of both Theater and Thespians Club, Kaylea Thompson, also had some words to share from her longer participation in the drama programs. “[The club] showcases people’s creativity,” Kaylea remarked. “And it’s overall really fun to act and be around people with similar interests.”

Thespians Club is full of people with similar interests and allows activities such as creating enjoyable scenarios for members to participate in. The club is mainly interested in allowing its members to “act your heart out,” as Theater member Jackson Smith expressed.

Club participation doesn’t guarantee a par in school plays, but students who are interested can audition to join seventh period Theater through the club.

The next Club Day takes place on Jan. 18 and the Thespians Club is prepared to welcome new members with open arms.