Durant Suffers Loss Of Beloved FFA Teacher

Durant FFA students throw a birthday party for Mr. Cribbs.

Durant FFA students throw a birthday party for Mr. Cribbs.

Jeremiah Woods, Staff Writer

As students and staff of Durant, we take cougar pride in our heroes whether they be police officers, military service members or firefighters. This week Durant lost one of their very own heroes. On Dec. 14 Agriculture Teacher Tim Cribbs passed away due to health issues.

For 39 years, Cribbs inspired and educated the future farmers of America. Being a teacher can be hard, tiring and frustrating, but Cribbs took time to personally connect with his students. Junior Gabby Howell said, “His smile was infectious and could light up a room.”

Many say that Cribbs was a teacher who wanted his students to do better and be better than they thought they could. Grace Merell said, “Your encouragement has pushed me not only to make my dad proud but to make you proud too.”

On earth, we lost a hero but heaven has gained one. Sophomore Cooper Davis said, “Until I see you again coach, fly high and rest easy.”

Mr. Cribbs, thank you for your service to Durant. You will be missed greatly, but your legacy will live on in the many seeds of hope and ambition you planted in your students’ hearts.