Durant Veterans Serving Our Country And Our School

Smith serving his school and serving with his poses.

Nayelli Alvarez

Smith serving his school and serving with his poses.

Ava Wells, Staff Writer

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America…” Every morning Durant High School stands for this pledge, honoring our country and the people who protect it. Well, let’s not forget about the special people at our school who have done this special thing. Give an applause for our Durant Veterans!

Durant Veterans:
Col. Julio Acosta, US Army
Raul Andrade
Sgt. 1st Class Patrick Asher, US Army
Chief Master Sgt. Michael Cavaliero, US Air Force
TJ Henderson, US Army
Jeffrey Henning
Master Sgt. Guy Hermis, US Army
Lt. Col. Anthony Hingle, US Air Force
Chief Master Sgt. Andrew Johnson, US Air Force
Cpl. Stephen Morton, Marine Corps
Petty Officer 3rd Class Rebecca Sherman, US Navy
James Smith, Marine Corps
Capt. Cynthia Wilson, US Army

Each day students see these wonderful teachers, but teaching is not the only career they have pursued. They all have made sacrifices
for our country by having joined the military. Along their journeys they have encountered many experiences. From being deployed all over the world to serving during war time, these teachers have made many memories.

Joining the military can be a big weight on one’s shoulder with many challenges, but it also has its rewarding benefits. When asked what his military service time was like, Chief Andrew Johnson said, “It was an absolutely wonderful experience, but it was difficult raising a family while being on active duty.”

The impact these military careers have made on these teachers’ daily lives is impactful. Criminal Justice Teacher James Smith stated that he wants to be remembered for one thing in his life, “and that’s to be a servant to others.” Being a part of the military has shaped him into who he is now. “The military really helped me to learn how to serve others,” said Smith.

“You have to be able to be a follower, and you also need to be a leader when those chances arrive,” said Johnson. “When you get beat down, you have to get back up and do it again, until your mission is complete. And don’t forget to do your homework to decide which branch is right for you,” said Smith.

Both Johnson and Smith are ready and willing to offer anyone advice on pursuing a military career. Students who have questions are encouraged to seek them out to learn more about the possibilities of serving their country.

Now let’s give one more shoutout to our heroes here at Durant High School. Thank you all for your hardwork and sacrifice both at school and for your time in the military. Don’t forget to give your appreciation to our 12 veteran teachers.