Durant Is Full Of Royalty

Savannah Rice Crowned 2022 Harvest Queen

Savannah Rice in her 2022 Harvest Queen crown.

Savannah Rice in her 2022 Harvest Queen crown.

Ayla Yebba, Editor in Chief

Pageant season has been taking over the county and multiple Durant girls are getting out of their comfort zone to try something new. At a recent pageant at the Hillsborough County Fairgrounds one of Durant’s very own students, senior Savannah Rice, was crowned the 2022 Harvest Queen.

Rice had only dipped her toe in the art of pageantry last year when she participated in the “Durant FFA Sweetheart Pageant” so this event was still new and exciting to her. She competed with 13 other girls in the pageant, some of whom also attend Durant.

Her decision to sign up for the Harvest Queen pageant was encouraged by the skills and experience she would gain. “I wanted to work on my public speaking skills and self confidence,” said Rice. “More importantly [I wanted to] share this experience with my friends and create lasting memories.”

Contestants were judged on their stage presence, public speaking skills and their dress and casual wear for the evening. Before the pageant, each girl was scored on their interviewing skills which was a major portion of the scoring rubric.

Rice was very emotional when she was announced the 2022 Harvest Queen. “I was elated and very shocked. I actually started to cry a little to be honest. At first I was like, they must have called the wrong number,” said Rice. “Overall, I was so happy and really excited for the upcoming year.”

Becoming Harvest Queen comes with many responsibilities and duties. Rice represents the Hillsborough County Fair along with the Junior Queen and First Maids in all official functions.

Pageantry is a difficult event to participate in because of the unexpected outcomes, however this should not steer girls away from participating. Rice has some advice for girls interested in competing next year. “I’d say to have fun with it. Don’t be consumed with the competition, because it’s truly about making memories and having a good time,” said Rice. “So as long as you go into it with a clear mind and a positive attitude, great things will come.”

The Harvest Queen pageant was a special momentous occasion Rice will surely not forget. “I’ll forever be grateful for the opportunity to spend time with the amazing girls and director Kelli Messick throughout the duration of the Harvest Queen Pageant,” said Rice. “I cannot wait to make more memories this year as Queen and encourage others to take part in this wonderful experience.” Rice said she is thankful for everything the pageant has given to her and will continue to represent both Durant and Hillsborough County in a positive way.

Congratulations to the 2022 Harvest Queen Savannah Rice! Looking forward to a great rest of the year with you as Hillsborough’s Harvest Queen.