What Goes Up Must Come Down

Roller Coasters Teach Durant Students About Physics

Physics students enjoying a day at Busch Gardens.

Michael Stone

Physics students enjoying a day at Busch Gardens.

Jorge Rodas, Senior Staff Writer

One of the highlights of school is a field trip with your friends and teachers. Durant Physics students recently visited Busch Gardens to apply principles of their study in a thrilling event called Physics Day.

As the name suggests this is a field trip that allows Physics class students to go to Busch Gardens and ride rides while using the Physics they learn in the classroom in the real world. Durant’s Physics Teacher, Michael Stone, plans the annual Physics Day event for all of his students.

The hope for students attending Physics Day is they will appreciate the Physics and Science that run their favorite rides. According to Stone, students make measurements on the G-force and speed of the rides, and they learn to appreciate the Engineering and Physics for the park’s roller coasters.

The day was truly fun, a sentiment shared among all the students who went to Busch Gardens. “The entire day just had a really fun and upbeat vibe with everyone’s energy”, said Junior Kennedie Clinton. Her favorite part of the day was, “The beginning of the day when we all got to ride Scorpion three times in a row and make measurements.”

When asked if people should take Physics and go to Physics Day all of the students said yes. Senior Ivan Palomares said, “I would definitely recommend people taking Physics [in school] and going to Physics Day since it’s a good bonding experience, very fun and educational.” He continued on saying what makes the experience fun and educational. “I learned how to calculate my speed, gravity’s effect on me and the concept of forces that acted upon me while on a roller coaster.”

The Physics Day field trip was enjoyed by many Physics students. Hopefully physics day will continue every year.