Thanksgiving With The Cougs


Sadie De Croix, Staff Writer

It’s turkey time cougars! A well deserved week off of school, was spent relaxing and enjoying time with loved ones. Students all across campus celebrated Thanksgiving in many different ways.

Thanksgiving is a time many choose to spend with family and friends, where they share thanks and great fullness for what they have been given. Freshman Ava Wells said, “I am thankful for Taylor Swift, my cat, my friends and family of course.”

There’s no doubt that students enjoy their time on break. Freshman Yohara Ortiz said “My favorite part is I get a week away from school and I see my family.”

Many students said that their favorite part of Thanksgiving is obviously the food. Wells stated that her favorite Thanksgiving dish is “definitely 100% the bread.”

Seems like Thanksgiving 2022 was a success!