The Freshest Council At Durant

Freshman Council showing their school spirit in our Winter Pep Rally.


Freshman Council showing their school spirit in our Winter Pep Rally.

Jorge Rodas, Senior Staff Writer

As a new school year starts, a new group of freshmen come into a new world called Durant High School. When they get there, it’s an exciting experience for them, and many want to explore and get involved any way they can. One big opportunity is running for the Freshman Council.

Freshmen who were interested in council elections visited club sponsors Randy Sawyer and Sarah Rhine. They got their qualification papers signed and then made political type posters to promote themselves for the election. After an interview process, the officers of the council were announced soon after.

There are many reasons why a freshman would want to run for council. The most common reason shared by many council members was, “To help make a difference in our school and get the freshmen class more involved in our school events,” said President of the Freshmen Council River Yebba. Yebba felt that being in council would help with involvement in the school, and she is honored to represent her class in furthering that goal.

The council has the responsibility of helping with pep rallies and other school related events. “We are going to start planning our community outreach event and our fundraiser,” continued Yebba.

It can be stressful for some of the council members, but they always manage to get through it and keep the atmosphere fun. “It is a really positive environment, and I love planning things with my fellow council members! It’s really fun,” said Freshmen Council Community Relations Officer Audrina Rogers. “I’m really enjoying it so far! I can’t wait to see how this year plays out!”

Students who represent their class and are determined to get more freshmen involved in school spirit for their new home for the next few years…that’s what Freshmen Council is all about!