Taylor Swift Back On Tour?

Taylor Swifts official list of her tour dates and opening artists. And of course Taylor in all her glory from each of her different eras!

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s official list of her tour dates and opening artists. And of course Taylor in all her glory from each of her different eras!

Ava Wells, Staff Writer

You heard it right, the one and only Taylor Swift is back! After her release of the new “Midnights” album, it has now been announced she will be going on tour. It has been four years since her last one, “The Reputation Stadium Tour”, so fans were eager to buy tickets as soon as they were available. “The Eras Tour” will consist of her many stages in history, all combined into one show. So it’s no surprise why everyone was in a rush for these tickets, including our Durant Swifties!

All over campus, Swifties are more than excited for this tour. They have been patiently waiting for this, and the time is finally here.

There are many things to be excited for that we can expect from the queen herself to perform, such as her famous hits like “All Too Well,” “Dear John” and many more. Freshman Delilah Reinke said she was most looking forward to “breathing the same air as her.” And who wouldn’t. Others were also excited to see her perform their favorite albums like “Fearless” and “Red.” We don’t really know what this mastermind has in store for us because of her endless surprises, but we do know it’ll be amazing.

In order to go to these shows, fans have to go get tickets which is usually pretty simple. For this tour, however, it has been completely different because of the millions of fans trying to attend. Ticketmaster, the place to purchase the tickets, crashed multiple times making it difficult to get tickets. Some may say it has been a great war and if you survived and got these tickets then you are very lucky. “It was so stressful, I didn’t even get tickets. I spent a total of 8 hours both days trying to buy tickets, and I still wasn’t successful,” said Freshman Megan Bradley. “We can definitely say this whole process has been atrocious.”

This experience, believe it or not, has also taken a toll on students’ time at school. Coming from a Swiftie herself, it has been a real distraction with all the pressure of getting tickets. From constantly looking at her phone in class while trying to complete work, it has been a lot. Bradley also said, “I started in 2nd period and went all the way until 6th period.” It was also quite risky with the possibility of getting in trouble. For Reinke she had that happen to her. She said, “I got yelled at by my teacher for being on my phone when I was texting my mom trying to get the tickets.” Taylor Swift really has some of us risking things out here.

With “The Eras Tour” being announced, fans are beyond filled with happiness and can’t wait to see all that she does. Congrats to all of the Swifties out there who were lucky enough to get tickets. It may have been a battle getting them, but it will definitely be worth it in the end. Taylor Swift has much planned so don’t forget to keep meeting her at midnight and keep an eye out for any news about the tour!