Spikeball: What Started It All

The Durant Spikeball Club logo.

Kori Turner, Staff Writer

For the majority of people, if you asked them what spikeball was they might give you an awkward confused look. Off the top of their heads they might not know exactly what it is, but most students around Durant have heard of this sport which is gaining in popularity with active people.

Many students are in the Spikeball Club but have you ever wondered how it all started?

Spikeball Club Sponsor Jacob Baer said, “Four of the original board members started playing spikeball during the summer and got addicted. When they got back to school they wanted to continue playing so they approached me and asked if we could turn it into a club.”

Spikeball Club started from the bottom and didn’t have much, but freshman Jillian Hidalgo says that spikeball is now one of the most popular clubs Durant offers with nearly 80 students. “I joined Spikeball Club because it seemed more active than other clubs and not a lot of work,” said Hidalgo.

Freshman Ana Marquez stated that her favorite part of Spikeball Club is “getting to play the game and socializing with my friends.”

According to club members, spikeball is a fun and exciting club to be in and competition is always up for grabs! For more information in regards to the Spikeball Club, visit their Instagram page @durantspikeball