Make Some Noise For DCREW!

Megan Bradley, Staff Writer

It’s DCREW’s house now! They’ve taken over the court for the October pep rally. Senior DCREW Captain Hayley Fresh has made some adjustments this year for the team including new uniforms, new dance styles, and they’ve performed at winter basketball games.

Club Sponsor Sheryl Koza has been running DCREW for eight years now with Mary Gill as the co-sponsor, for two years. “DCREW started in 2013, with a teacher that liked to dance, so she started the hip-hop dance group after she left,” said Koza. “Another teacher took over a year later, and the girls weren’t crazy about her coaching, so they came to me asking me to sponsor, knowing I was a dance mom.”

DCREW has been mostly hip-hop, but with a new school year comes new dance styles. The dance team decided to include elements of different dance styles into their performances while still making them fun and exciting. They’ll be steering far away from dance moves popularized by TikTok, which is what they’ve been known for the past couple of years.

“Years ago, Coach Mitchell asked DCREW if we would perform at halftime, but I couldn’t get the girls to commit,” said Koza. “Now the girls are committed and will be performing at halftime.”

DCREW is a tight knit family. Junior Skylar Sewell said, “What I love most about DCREW is being able to have fun performing with my teammates in front of our school at the pep rallies.”

Some people may say “changes can be bad” but these changes are cougartastic!

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