Let’s Get Fired Up!

Durant cheer killing it at their first pep rally.

Jordan Beck

Durant cheer killing it at their first pep rally.

Jordan Beck, Staff Writer

Y-E-L-L everybody yell! The durant cheer team is working hard to entertain their fellow cougs. During football season these girls are working hard and hitting their stunts. Here’s a deeper dive into the durant cheer squad.

To many of the girls, the cheer team is a significant part of their lives, especially for the Varsity Co-captains Rylie Vasquez and Regan Williams. Williams said, “The pep rallies are so important because it was a lot of newer girl’s first performance with the team.” Vasquez adds to this with her appreciation of the newly conjoined teams including the veterans and newbies. “It’s not a JV or varsity thing anymore which I like, we don’t have two separate teams. It’s more inclusive to have everyone together.”

Williams stated her opinion about the growth of the team, “Four years ago when I was a freshman, the highest skill we were doing was something like a TikTok with a floor routine and now we are doing really tough skills.”

The strong bond between these girls and their devoted coaches is like none other. Williams said, “My favorite part about cheer is the amount of bonding between our coaches and teammates.”

These lady cougars are putting in the hours with their practices being five days a week for two hours, sometimes on the weekends too. Their competition season is grueling but worth it in the end to perform well. They ended in second place at the state competition. Congrats ladies on your dedication and hard work this season. Go cougars!