Proud Students of The BSU Club!

BSU members joined together to represent Durant and its diversity.


BSU members joined together to represent Durant and its diversity.

Ava Wells, Staff Writer

Each club at Durant offers great opportunities and fun to their interested club members. There is one club that tends to stand out from the rest and that is the Black Student Union Club (BSU). BSU is a club that helps spread diversity and the knowledge of black culture. Over the years this club has grown to do many things, including benefiting so many students. This club holds a great deal of significance and here’s why…

Senior Jeremiah Woods is a founding member of BSU. From his freshman year of highschool to his now senior year, he has fulfilled positions such as membership chair, vice president, and currently president. Woods has been actively involved in the club and has and has gotten quite familiar with it. When asked about the significance and need for the BSU club he responded, “This club is important because it provides education on what the Black Community is all about!” said Woods. Many students agree on the level of importance the club has. “It can show how black people as well can add diversity and creativity to our school,” said freshman Layla White.

The BSU is a way to provide students knowledge about black culture, lifestyle, and history. It also promotes other learning opportunities and personal growth. So this club is a packaged deal! Just like any club, students get to meet other students with the same interests and passions as them.

This club seems to be best described like an extended family and has open arms for anyone who would like to join. Any student can gain so much from the club and if you are interested in learning more about it, make sure you follow @durant_bsu on Instagram or talk to any club member. BSU has so many benefits for each and every student, so be sure to check it out!