New Year For The Science National Honor Society

The SNHS Instagram profile picture.


The SNHS Instagram profile picture.

Fernanda Emily Rodriguez, Staff Writer

With the school year starting back up again, students are ready to dive into new and familiar clubs and activities. One of the many clubs offered at Durant High School is Science National Honors Society (SNHS), where students with a passion for science topics can come together and play a part in the many competitions SNHS offers. Whether students are more interested in Physics, Biology, or any other science topic, everyone has a place in SNHS!

SNHS mostly prioritizes competition-based activities. The club is known for attending different schools around the county and state to compete. Because ‘science’ is a broad term, the competitions have a wide range of focus based on the different kinds of science students may be interested in. For example, senior and vice president of SNHS Vito Nicolaci tells us, “There are competitions called science bowls, where you push a button and answer questions, kind of like Jeopardy… they kind of throw prompts at you, and the first team who answers gets the points.” There is a marine version of the competition as well, so those who like marine science can also have fun! But it doesn’t end there. There is a place for students who like building things, such as building instruments from random objects, and competing in races.

Even though the club is not limited to science-related activities, “We’re trying to incorporate different community service events into it as well,” says Nicolaci. While SNHS mostly focuses on competitions, there are plans to create opportunities that more students on campus can sink their scientific teeth into. The club looks forward to generating more student involvement and being a larger part of our campus.

SNHS is excited to get back into competitions and work with other people to have fun this year!