A Book Full Of Memories

The Durant Pride Yearbook editors.


The Durant Pride Yearbook editors.

Jorge Rodas, Senior Staff Writer

There are many ways to capture the school year but none compares to the big efforts of Durant’s yearbook. It takes a lot of time and effort to help make the 280 pages dedicated to storing the most exciting school events, not to mention covering the over 2000 students on campus.

After roughly six months of non-stop picture taking, student interviewing and school event capturing the yearbook is finally completed. As Yearbook Sponsor Taya Soule states, “It fits the whole school year from October to March where it’s due to print .” A long but tricky task Soule continues, “Some of the sports don’t really start until March, we have to be very creative in what we do.”

The yearbook staff can tell you it’s a lot of work, but everyone is happy to work alongside each other for the common goal. “It’s creating something people are going to reminisce about when they’ve graduated” shared Yearbook Copy Editor Hailee Rawlins. “We have the privilege to make that.”

When making the yearbook there are a lot of things that are decided rather or not to put in the yearbook. “We find things that will interest people, things that people can look back on 20 years from now and remember all of their good memories from high school,” Yearbook Editor Christian Van Burt.

Order your yearbook online at YearbookOrderCenter.com. For more information message the Durant Pride Yearbook Instagram account @durantprideybk or visit Soule in room 451.