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Sophomore Council getting ready to hype up their class.

Audrina Rogers, Staff Writer

Class councils play a significant role in Durant’s school activities due to being one of the biggest leadership opportunities available to students.

Becoming a member of Sophomore Council requires obtaining a good GPA and clear behavioral records throughout the year. In order to stay a member, students must show hard work, dedication, and overall have a positive outlook and motivation for their class.

Many students ran and campaigned to become a Sophomore Council member with the hopes of achieving specific goals or building a closer relationship with their class. Sophomore Council Vice President Chesnee Wink says, “I decided to join Sophomore Council to expand on my leadership abilities and to get to know my fellow sophomores and make sure they have a great high school experience!” She enjoys being a part of the class council environment and participating in the Pep Rallies.

Sophomore Council members are in charge of attending different school events to support and represent their class. These students also host fundraisers and community service events throughout the school year. Sophomore Council Secretary Isabella Letobaron states, “So far, council has been a great learning experience. We’ve participated in lots of activities around school, such as the Durant Unified flag football game. Our sponsor, Mrs. Lennon, is very supportive of our council, she’s a wonderful advisor to us.” Letobaron also stated that these events allow her to meet others and make new friends.

Overall, Sophomore Council is doing a great job at representing their grade level. They have a lot of responsibilities and will soon become next year’s Junior Council. The class of 2025 is in good hands and has lots of fun events to participate in.

Sophomore Council 2022-23
President: Xander Robbins
Vice President: Chesnee Wink
Secretary: Isabella Letobaron
Community Relations: Lyla Bent
Historian: Darielys Garcia Hernandez
Council Members: Mary Baker, Carly Dunphy, Kayla Hanson, Sevena Ivey, Christopher Moreno, Kylie Noland, and Alaina Norris