Teachers Take The Students To School!

Mazur doing a layup in the Students vs. Teachers Basketball Game.

Mary Baker

Mazur doing a layup in the Students vs. Teachers Basketball Game.

Xenia Welch, Staff Writer

With a score of 58-23, Durant teachers dominated the students in the Students vs. Teachers Basketball Game! This win left some feeling dejected and others feeling absolutely ecstatic. Nevertheless, everyone found watching and playing in the game fun.

The Teacher vs. Student Basketball Game took place on Feb. 16. Coach Cuellar, Jake Baer, Haley Burleson, Matthew Wright, Matthew Mazur, and Principal Graham went against Mohamed Elsharkawi, Chris Dobard, Blake Holleman, Breyton Green, Julio Constanzo, and Colt Johnson in the exciting game.

The teachers were especially happy with the outcome of the game. Their experience and skill turned out to be enough to beat the student team and to lead themselves to victory!

“It was fun! I enjoyed winning,” said Mazur. “I liked kicking Blake’s butt.”

Senior Breyton Green had mixed feelings about the experience. He stated, “It sucked knowing that we lost but it was bitter sweet knowing that we put on a great event and people enjoyed watching it. The experience was definitely fun.”

The basketball game proved interesting to viewers watching from the stands as well. Many enjoyed the heated competition and spirit the event brought. Durant students can look forward to more events like this in the future.