A Note Taker’s Know How

Isaiah Sawyer and Micheal Johnston take notes in Precalculus.

Tom Marrs

Isaiah Sawyer and Micheal Johnston take notes in Precalculus.

Tom Marrs, Staff Writer

Academic success can often feel like an unforgiving and never ending challenge. It can almost seem impossible to achieve academic success. Despite the struggle, these students have cracked the code on how to write and retain information with creative studying and note-taking tactics. With these tools, any student can succeed beyond just writing down PowerPoint slides and passing a test.

Sophomore Isaiah Sawyer uses online resources in order to become more prepared for assessments. Finding a good website, in the endless void of the internet, can become a more daunting task than studying. Luckily, Sawyer recommends, “Kahoot and Quizlet to find assessments that match up with the sort of questions that will be on the test.” These websites have a free version that anyone can use with user-created content from both teachers and students alike.

Organization is an important aspect of succeeding in the classroom. Junior Abigail Strom has mastered using highlighters, binders, and dividers to make important information stand out. Making notes that are concise and not a jumble of useless information is vital to keeping necessary information separate from the trivial. Strom encourages the idea that, “Each class should have its own set of colors so you don’t get them mixed up.” Making sure classes don’t blend together in a binder is essential to having the most efficient studying possible.

Having a good mindset is key to academic success. Sophomore Micheal Johnston uses music to make work less intimidating. “Music drowns out all the noise around me and makes work more enjoyable,” says Johnston. Having something to look forward to in the midst of a challenge is an intense motivator for any student, worker, or athlete. This mindset can be achieved through more than just music. It can look like a 10-minute break to do something enjoyable after an hour of work, or maybe listening to required reading while going on a walk. This will not only increase the speed at which work is completed, but allow the work to be less rushed and more thoughtful.

With these tactics, achieving academic success becomes much more possible. A combination of online resources, physical organization, and a good mindset breathes new life into not only grades on Canvas, but also long-term knowledge and skills. Anyone can become a great student, all it takes is a few steps to get there.