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“To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” Series Comes to an End


Since it was first realized in the summer of 2018, the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before series has proved to be a success, now considered one of Netflix’s “most viewed original films ever.”

Based on Jenny Han’s bestselling book series, many consider the movie, along with the acclaimed Kissing Booth, a revival of the romantic comedy (rom-com) genre for the new generation.  

The series follows high schoolers Lara Jean Covey (Lana Condor) and Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo) as they enter into a fake relationship and (big surprise) eventually develop feelings for each other.  

Following a sub-par second movie that focused on the love triangle between Lara, Peter, and childhood friend John Ambrose (Jordan Fisher), the third and final installment in the series Always and Forever takes us with the couple as they attempt to navigate graduation and their future together.  

While I love the relationship and chemistry between Lara and Peter, it was not easy to forget about John Ambrose, who proved to be the sweet and thoughtful guy whose standards Peter struggled to reach in the second movie. Unfortunately, as these films typically go, nice guys finish last, and, sorry, Ambrose, you are no exception.

Despite his rocky personality in the previous movies, Kavinsky stepped up to the plate in the latest film. Overall, his character was (debatably) more mature and understanding in their relationship as he was always there to support Lara Jean in her decisions (most of the time).  

At the beginning of the movie, Lara Jean discovers she is not accepted to Stanford, the college where Peter had received a lacrosse scholarship. In a text meant for her sister, Peter believes that she has gotten in, initiating an awkward celebration dinner where Lara tries (and fails) to tell him the truth.  

I have to admit, in the beginning, I thought her “secret” would take up the entire movie, and I would have to sit through two hours of Lara Jean trying to figure out how to tell Peter they will not be going to the same school.  

Luckily, this was not the case. Eventually, Lara lets Peter know of her rejection letter, and she begins to consider other options for colleges, including the University of New York across the country.  

The rest of the movie then focuses on Lara Jean’s decision to either stay close and go to Berkeley (only an hour away from Peter) or travel across the country to her dream college. Spoiler: she chooses the latter.

In all honestly, I enjoyed the movie. Was it one of my favorites? Not by a long shot, but it was just what one wants in a rom-com.

My only real complaints about the movie were the times I felt they rushed certain plot points, as they were trying to cram several events into one film. Between Lara Jean’s family going to Seoul, the trip to New York, prom, graduation, and even a wedding, it felt like a lot was going on at once. There were also times I wished some of the side characters, specifically her best friend Chris (Madeline Arthur) and Trevor (Ross Butler), got more screen time, but I have to admit the movie did well in developing its characters throughout the series.

Looking at the film’s face value, the To All The Boys series was a great rom-com trilogy. It is nothing revolutionary by any means, but it is just what someone might need. Sure, there might be clichés and predictable endings, but with a pretty good soundtrack, compelling storyline, and decent acting, the To All The Boy’s I’ve Loved Before series ended in the best way possible.



About the Writer
Photo of Allie Sigl
Allie Sigl, Design and Social Media Editor

Allie Sigl is a junior at Durant High School and the Design and Social Media Editor for the PawPrint Newspaper. Around school, Allie is the community service...

Newly Popular Netflix Show Cobra Kai Is Kicking The Competition


"Guy D'Alema "; Guy D'Alema

Cobra Kai is a super popular comedy-drama television series streaming on Netflix and based on the original Karate Kid films of the 1980s. Cobra Kai picks up the storyline 34 years after the infamous All Valley Karate Championship in which young Daniel Larusso defeats his karate bully nemesis, Johnny Lawrence. Now, Daniel is a successful car dealership owner and Johnny is a washed-up struggling and unemployed maintenance man when their paths cross again.

Returning in their original roles are Ralph Macchio as Daniel and William Zabka as Johnny. Throughout the series, there are special appearances from other actors/actresses reprising their earlier roles from the original Karate Kid movies.

This renewal of the classic and iconic coming of age story has taken the streaming world by surprise. YouTube Red launched Cobra Kai’s first and second seasons in 2018-2019. Netflix bought the show in June 2020 and released the third season earlier this month. Since launching on Netflix more than 73 million people have watched the series and have been giving great reviews to the director and actors of the show.

One thing that was very helpful on the director’s and editor’s part was showing flashbacks to climatic events in the original movies. It kept the story going and made it more understandable to viewers who may not have seen the original films.

According to Freshman Giselle Jaimes, “Cobra Kai is better than other shows in a way because it connects to a movie from a long time ago. Now the characters are adults and you get to see how they’re doing later on. I liked how they used the same actors as well.”

The writers of Cobra Kai have cleverly included many engaging and familiar scenes for viewers who saw the first Karate Kid movie. The discrete, but catchable humorous lines/actions shown have made it much more intriguing and captivating to watch.

Another interesting twist is that Cobra Kai has completely changed the way the audience feels about the characters. In the Karate Kid, Johnny is the antagonist and is seen as a really awful person. He continuously gangs up on Daniel with his fellow Cobra Kai dojo members. Fast-forwarding into their adult lives Johnny is portrayed as a much more likable character and you actually feel sorry for him. The show also gives a small backstory explaining why Johnny acts the way he does because of the way he was raised and even how he got into his love of Karate. Sophomore Cameron Marvel says that between Daniel and Johnny, he “…[likes] Johnny better because he feels like a more relatable character”.

Critics and fans of the show encourage people who have not watched Cobra Kai yet to at least see the first Karate Kid movie to better their understanding of the show. Cobra Kai does an amazing job explaining things that are important to know during the show, but by watching the original movie you will catch many things that other viewers won’t.

Junior Jacob Malinchak has seen the first Karate Kid movie and thinks “…you have to understand why [these characters] hate each other and why they are the way they are. Like why Johnny is apprehensive about Creese and so on”.

So just after three seasons, Cobra Kai has soared to the top of streaming shows. Its community of both new and old fans is eagerly awaiting the arrival of season 4 which is currently in the works. Stay tuned.

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Photo of Ayla Yebba
Ayla Yebba, Staff Writer

Ayla Yebba is a sophomore at Durant High School. She enjoys writing political articles so she can share the truth and facts with her school and community....

Durant Student Ricky Lin Becomes TikTok Famous


First created in 2016 by Chinese company ByteDance, TikTok has become one of the most downloaded social media platforms in the United States with over a hundred million downloads.

One of the most notable qualities of TikTok is its ability for anyone to become famous through the usage of the “For You” page, an algorithm designed to give its viewer catered videos based on their past behaviors on the app.

Ricky Lin, a junior at Durant High School, first joined TikTok as a joke in 2019 to pass the time. Despite occasionally uploading videos in school last year, Lin saw heavy traffic on his account during quarantine.

“It was weird at first because people would recognize me more often online, but I enjoy the interaction since everyone I have met are all culturally diverse and of different backgrounds,” Lin said.

When he first joined, Lin started recreating videos on his For You page as inspiration. As he began to post more, Lin soon saw his follower and viewer rates increase.

“I like to try different videos to reach out to a broader audience,” Lin said. “I would not say I have a specific type of video, more so, of what I see on my For You page.”

Now posting almost daily, Lin has amassed fifty thousand followers with over a million likes on his platform as of January 2021.

Along with just gaining new followers, Lin has had the chance to meet new people and friends worldwide.

“[My platform] lets me meet more people throughout the world and new friends as well,” Lin said. “I’ve met a lot of people from all over the states, mainly from California and New York.”

Because of his following, Lin has also been given the opportunity to work with various clothing brands and companies, such as The Coldest Water Bottle. In the future, he would like to continue working with more clothing companies and other brands.

“As of right now, it [TikTok] is just something I do in my free time, but you never know [what might happen],” Lin said.

About the Writer
Photo of Allie Sigl
Allie Sigl, Design and Social Media Editor

Allie Sigl is a junior at Durant High School and the Design and Social Media Editor for the PawPrint Newspaper. Around school, Allie is the community service...

Sabrina Carpenter Releases A Song, Seemingly In Response to Olivia Rodrigo


After Olivia Rodrigo’s debut song “Driver’s License” broke countless records in its first days of streaming, fans took to TikTok sharing their theories on who the song was about.

Singer, song writer, and actress Sabrina Carpenter has seemingly responded to Olivia Rodrigo’s accusations that Carpenter and Bassett are dating with her new song “Skin”

The clear and direct response is apparent in the first verse. Rodrigo had written about a blonde girl that had stolen Bassett’s heart in her song “Driver’s License”. In a teaser posted on her Instagram, Rodrigo originally said “you’re probably with that brunette girl,” but changed it to blonde before the formal song release.

In “Skin,” Carpenter addressed the lyric with one of her own: “maybe blonde was the only rhyme.” Later in the song, she claimed that “Skin” is her telling her side of the story.

Carpenter’s song is just shy of a confirmation that Rodrigo’s “Driver’s License” is about her and further confirms Carpenter’s and Bassett’s relationship.

“You can try/to get under my, under my, under my skin/while he’s on mine,” Carpenter sang.

Carpenter is clearly trying to show that she is taking the high road, singing, “I just hope that one day/We both can laugh about it,” even though she is taking the opportunity to present her side of the story that “some people will believe.”

Carpenter, who had only been in the news for Mean Girl’s performance on Broadway recently, had been out of the immediate pop culture spotlight. However, with Rodrigo’s new song, the actress’ name had been in an increasing number of headlines.

“You’re putting me in the spotlight/but I’ve been under it my whole life,” Carpenter sang referencing her early fame on Girl Meets World.

Since the song has not been followed by a direct confirmation about the Disney love triangle, Carpenter’s new song could simply be a reminder to block out inevitable hate.

About the Writer
Photo of Lily Belcher
Lily Belcher, Editor in Chief

Lily Belcher is a junior at Durant High School and is the Editor in Chief for the PawPrint. She is freelancing for the Osprey Observer this year and hopes...

Olivia Rodrigo Releases Debut Song “Drivers License”

Olivia Rodrigo Releases Debut Song

Seventeen-year-old song-writer, Olivia Rodrigo, broke the record for most single-day streams on her song Driver’s License released on Friday January 8, 2021.

Her debut single surpassed Ariana Grande’s “Thank u, next” as the highest single-day streams for a female artist in US Spotify history, after being streamed over 21 million times over the first couple days after the release.

Rodrigo starred on Disney+’s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series where she was rumored to be dating on screen boyfriend, Joshua Bassett.

Theories have been made of the song’s background story ,which has spread throughout social media platforms such as TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram, to what may be a Gen-Z version of a love triangle amongst Disney stars.

The lyrics of Rodrigo’s song displays her grief over an ex that has moved on. She is heartbroken and claims she still loves the person rumored to be Bassett.

In a social media video from LeBlanc Updates on YouTube, Rodrigo talks about her time practicing driving in Bassett’s car before she got her license.

“And so, he took me in his car, and we drove around the In-N-Out parking lot, and that was my first time driving,” said Rodrigo.

Bassett wrote a song for Rodrigo on an Instagram live in which he tells her that he can’t wait for his happily ever after and publicized his feelings for her. Rodrigo commented on the live “STOP” in a way which seemed that she knew he was talking about her, leading fans to believe they wrote songs about each other.

“Guess you didn’t mean what you wrote in that song about me, ‘cause you said forever now I drive alone past your street.”

In an earlier version of Rodrigo’s song, she posted on Instagram in July 2020, the lyrics reference a “brunette girl”, but fans speculated that the change alludes to Sabrina Carpenter.

Carpenter is 21 years old, four years older than Rodrigo, which is referenced in her lyric “she’s so much older than me, she’s everything I’m insecure about,”.

Fans think the change happened when Rodrigo found out about Bassett and Carpenter spending more time together.

Carpenter and Bassett were spotted at a BLM protest where a fan claimed that they kissed on a snapchat post. They were later spotted out for lunch to what seemed to be a date and wore matching costumes (Shark Boy and Lava Girl).

This 2021 love triangle is not yet confirmed by Rodrigo, Bassett, or Carpenter.

About the Writer
Photo of Adamari Jaimez
Adamari Jaimez, Staff Writer

Adamari Jaimez is a senior at Durant High School. She has been part of journalism since her freshman year, involved in both the yearbook and newspaper...

This Is A Test by Durant Theatre Company


The dread and trepidations of test-taking are not one to be taken lightly, and the ability to accurately portray those feelings is commendable. Stephen Gregg’s one-act play, “This is a Test,” performed by Durant’s Theatre Company, illustrates the feelings of test anxiety close to the original.

The play starts with the main character, Ally, played by senior Lisiane DaCosta, talking to her friend Lois, played by Carissa Rodriguez, in the hallway about the upcoming test.

“I was really shocked and excited once I found out [I got the lead role], but I was also very nervous because I have never really ‘acted’ before,” DaCosta said.

Despite never acting, DaCosta had an outstanding performance throughout the play. Once her character, Ally, begins to take the test, she quickly realizes she does not remember anything from when she “studied” the night before – a feeling that might be familiar to the audience.

The play continues as Ally’s peers around her begin to cheat in obvious ways (flags, airplanes, posters, Morse code), unbeknownst to their teacher, played by Jackson Hamilton.

Hamilton is often seen with a baguette in hand as he berates Ally for not knowing any of the questions. He has several memorable one-liners throughout the production as he continually reminds the students of the tests’ gravity.

One of the most notable parts of the play is the Greek chorus inside Ally’s head, played by Natalie Doucette, Madison Tolley, and Bailey Zapata, which depicts her anxiety throughout the test.

“The Voice” inside Ally’s head is played by Josh Faircloth and is often heard reading the test’s questions.

The production continues as Ally attempts to make her way through the test, skipping all the questions she does not know; spoiler, it is all of them.

Because of Coronavirus restrictions, the Theater Company could not perform their play in front of a live audience. In place of this, Stephen Arment, the director, decided to produce Durant’s first recorded production.

Arment’s ability to record the play gave the cast more creative freedom, allowing the ability to add different camera angles, settings, and, of course, bloopers, which were seen in the end credits of the production.

The various camera angles helped portray the story as it allowed audiences to better grasp the cast’s emotions and actions throughout the play.

“The experience was very different in a good way and some in a blah way,” DaCosta said. “We did not get to do a live production, and at times, we would kind of lack motivation. In a way we were working for something but not like last year knowing we had this huge pressure of people watching.”

Despite these feelings, recording the production allowed the company to focus on the minor details and make sure everything was perfect, which was seen in the show’s final product.

“If we wanted something in particular for the audience to notice, [or] if anyone forgot a line, we could stop and go back and do it again. It gave us room to be detailed and creative,” DaCosta said.

Durant Theatre Company’s next production will be in spring. While many hope they will be back to a live audience, the future of the events are still being decided.

About the Writer
Photo of Allie Sigl
Allie Sigl, Design and Social Media Editor

Allie Sigl is a junior at Durant High School and the Design and Social Media Editor for the PawPrint Newspaper. Around school, Allie is the community service...

Florida’s First Snow Park, SnowCat Ridge, Opens to Public

With the opening of Florida’s first snow park, Snowcat Ridge, Floridians will no longer have to travel up north to experience a snow day.

Stationed in Dade City, Snowcat Ridge features a 60-foot-tall, 400-foot-long snow tubing hill for single, tandem, and family-style tubing, as well as a 1000-square-foot snow dome called the Arctic Igloo.

As Florida’s first and only outdoor snow park, Snowcat Ridge produces enough snow to fill over 10,000 square feet, despite the warm Florida fall and winter weather.

While the snowy slopes are one of the main attractions, the park also has a 10000 square foot snow dome called the Arctic Igloo. Inside is a giant snow play area where visitors can build snowmen and make snowballs out of real snow. The igloo also has a bunny slope for younger riders, designed especially for children three years and younger.

Because the igloo temperature is around 30-degrees Fahrenheit, park administrators suggest guests wear appropriate, warm, water-resistant clothes, including gloves and boots. Because Florida’s normal climate does not offer many days for heavy weather, guests who do not own any winter clothing are able to purchase basic snow gear like hats, gloves, and jackets at the park.

After spending time in the snow, guests can relax in the Alpine Village, which features a holiday market with various local vendors offering food, drinks, shopping, and more. Nearby is also a campfire to roast s’mores in the viewing area, where visitors can watch the nightly snowy slopes music and light show, which starts at sunset, alongside the fire.

Regarding COVID-19, before entering, guests and staff must pass a temperature check. Additionally, the capacity of several attractions is limited to maximize social distancing.

The park is requiring guests to wear a face-covering at all times during the Snowy Slopes and inside the Arctic Igloo. Visitors are not mandated to wear a covering in the Alpine Village if they are socially distancing.

Due to popularity and limited capacity, owners recommend purchasing passes ahead of time to guarantee access to the park.

General admission tickets include a designated two-hour snow tubing session on Snowy Slopes and all-day access to the Arctic Igloo and Alpine Village until closing.

For those wanting to spend more time tubing, there are also unlimited admission passes, allowing guests endless hours on the Snowy Slopes from the moment the park opens.

Depending on the date, general admission tickets start at $24.99 online – five dollars more at the gate –, while unlimited passes start at $59.95. There is also a $14 entry fee per vehicle.

Snowcat Ridge is open on select days at 27839 Saint Joe Road in Dade City, FL 33525. While the park is typically open from three to ten, hours vary by date. For more information and tickets, visit

About the Writer
Photo of Allie Sigl
Allie Sigl, Design and Social Media Editor

Allie Sigl is a junior at Durant High School and the Design and Social Media Editor for the PawPrint Newspaper. Around school, Allie is the community service...

Thanksgiving Activities

Day of Thanks 2020

Sat Nov 21, 9:00 AM – Sat Nov 21, 12:00 PM

Winners’ Worship Center

2200 E Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33612

Day of Thanks is a free community event hosted by Winners’ Worship Center where we share the love of Jesus, one turkey & one family at a time.

Cranksgiving Tampa 2020

Sat Nov 21, 10:00 AM – Sat Nov 21, 4:00 PM

Coppertail Brewing Co.

2601 E. 2nd Ave., Tampa, FL 33605

Cranksgiving is a bicycle scavenger hunt and food drive, and these events take place across the nation in November to benefit local charities as they prepare for Thanksgiving. The ninth edition of Cranksgiving Tampa will continue to benefit Metropolitan Ministries.

In 2019, 100 riders collected 1,928 pounds of food, including 65 frozen turkeys, all of which was donated to Metropolitan Ministries.


Thanksgiving Turkey Pop UP

Tues Nov 24, 11:00 AM-1:00 PM

Hyde Park Village

1509 Swann Avenue, Tampa, FL 33609

Giving away free Publix gift cards to purchase turkeys, free turkey opportunities, attractions, shopping, and dining


Thanksgiving Eve International Night

Wed Nov 25, 9:00 PM – Thu Nov 26, 3:00 AM

Acropolis Greek Taverna

3023 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33609

Join for an unforgettable night of Kefi with Dj Zeus, Dj Raw, and Dj Hagz spinning the hottest Greek, Arabic, and International Sounds.

-Kitchen open late

-Reservations Recommend

-Cirque de Soleil and Dancers

-Dress Code Enforced

-No Cover

Our services offer a fine revival dining in a high energy atmosphere featuring, plate breaking, napkin throwing, zorba dancing and live music; all this to recreate the ancient culture of the Greeks delivered to you at a dining experience like no other.


About the Writer
Photo of Nick Travis
Nick Travis, Social Media Coordinator

Nick Travis is a Junior at Durant High School and the Social Media Coordinator for the PawPrint. He has an outgoing and creative personality. When isn't...

Longtime Jeopardy Host Alex Trebek Dies At 80 After Battling Pancreatic Cancer

TV KNOWLEDGE FOR 1000: He was the greatest gameshow host of all time. ANSWER: Who was Alex Trebek?


On Sunday, November 8, longtime TV host Alex Trebek died from Pancreatic Cancer at 80 years old surrounded by his family and friends.

He was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer in March of 2019 and began treatment quickly after. Despite the grueling chemotherapy treatments and adverse effects, including depression and immense pain, Trebek continued to host Jeopardy as he had for 36 years. In March of 2020, he surpassed the one year survival rate of 18%, which he said he was “very happy” to pass.

“He was someone you could count on to entertain you every weekday, even when his health barely allowed it,” said former Jeopardy contestant James Holzhauer. “Anyone wishing to honor Alex’s memory should consider a donation to his favorite charity, World Vision.”

Within hours of his death, tributes to Trebek poured out from fans and contestants of Jeopardy on Twitter.

“It was one of the great privileges of my life to spend time with this courageous man while he fought the battle of his life,” tweeted Holzhauer.

It was one of the great privileges of my life to spend time with this courageous man while he fought the battle of his life”

— James Holzhauer

Trebek began his career as a radio host for CBC, hosting quiz and game shows in Canada. Upon moving to America, he continued as a gameshow host with NBC before landing a job as the host of Jeopardy in 1984, earning him multiple Emmy’s for Outstanding Game Show Host and the most nominations (31) for the category. Trebek hosted over 8200 episodes of the gameshow, the most of a TV game show host according to Sony Pictures.

On Jeopardy, Trebek became known for his humor and quick wit, but contestants knew him for his caring and dedicated personality.

“Alex wasn’t just the best ever at what he did. He was also a lovely and deeply decent man, and I’m grateful for every minute I got to spend with him,” said Ken Jennings, who holds the record for longest winning streak on Jeopardy.

Trebek’s last day in the studio was October 29 and his final episode as Jeopardy’s host will air on December 25. Sony Pictures has not announced plans for a new host.


About the Writer
Photo of Lily Belcher
Lily Belcher, Editor in Chief

Lily Belcher is a junior at Durant High School and is the Editor in Chief for the PawPrint. She is freelancing for the Osprey Observer this year and hopes...

Christopher Dello Russo Wins Gold Key at 2020 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards


The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards are given to young artists and writers who are enrolled in high school that have exceptional artistic skills and literary talents. Students across North America can submit to any of the 29 categories; and, in 2019, over 320,000 works were submitted to the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards contest. Students from public schools, private schools, and students who are homeschooled are all welcome to submit something to any of the 29 categories. About 300,000 dollars is given out every year for scholarships to the winners.

Winners are recognized at a local ceremony near the student’s school district. However, top placers, titled Gold Key winners, move on from this ceremony to a national contest. If selected nationally, these students are honored with an award presentation in New York City at Carnegie Hall.

Durant High School student Christopher Dello Russo, a 2020 Gold Key winner for poetry and short stories, said he likes to write about horror and comedy. Dello Russo said he writes because he enjoys writing. Dello Russo began writing in fifth grade after reading the Percy Jackson book series, which encouraged him to read more fiction books.

Dello Russo said his English teachers inspired him to write more and so he submitted to the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Dello Russo also said “I thought I had a good chance at winning a Gold Key and when I won, it was a pleasant surprise.” Now that Dello Russo has won a Gold Key, it makes him proud that he has been recognized as a winner.

Dello Russo said “writing as a job is a perfect way of making me stop enjoying it, so I’ll keep it as a hobby.” Dello Russo does not plan to go to New York City where all of the winners are honored, but is satisfied with his level of recognition.

About the Writer
Photo of Jordan Dabbour
Jordan Dabbour, Business Manager

Jordan Dabbour is a junior at Durant High School and is Advertising Business Manager for the PawPrint newspaper. He is an avid sports fan, and loves to...

Durant Theatre Company Steals the Show


Durant Theater Company

The Durant Theatre Company is filled with many talented directors, producers, singers, dancers, and, of course, actors and actresses. This group of remarkable students has put in so much hard work into their productions, kicking off the 2019 – 2020 school year with their play Brainstorm: A Journey Inside the Teenage Mind. While everyone in this organization has a very important role no matter what it is, Durant’s theatre productions would not be possible without the approach of backstage crew.

The backstage crew, also known as stagehands, works to ensure that shows operate and run smoothly. Stagehands do everything from taking care of the props all the way to controlling the lights and sounds, and through all that the backstage crew does; they create the charm of theatre.  Destiny Kyer, a senior at Durant who has done both acting and stagehand work, spoke to the importance of this kind of work.

“The backstage crew is incredibly important. Without tech, we would not have our sounds and lights; without stage, our scenes would not be ready in a timely manner, and nothing would flow together.”

“The backstage crew is incredibly important. Without tech, we would not have our sounds and lights; without stage, our scenes would not be ready in a timely manner, and nothing would flow together.””

With many seniors leaving the Durant Theatre Company as they graduate this year, they have to pass down their traditions to the underclassmen to keep the spirit of Durant theatre alive. Destiny Kyer remarked about their traditions that the Durant Theatre Company upholds.

“We do have a tradition, but it’s meant to be secret so when we have newbies they can get excited when it happens. It does happen before every show though.”

It is not just the traditions that are being passed down by the seniors, but also their knowledge. Jordan Maddock is a freshman at Durant and has been involved in only one Durant theatre production so far as a stagehand, but plans to be in more in the future; she spoke about learning the ins and outs of learning from the seniors.

“Our amazing tech, Gage Torgerson, has taught me everything I know as far as sound board, lighting, repairs, and how important it is to getting our shows running smoothly.”

It looks like the future of the Durant Theatre Company is in good hands thanks to the seniors.

The last show of the 2019 – 2020 school year was going to be Godspell, but, unfortunately, the Coronavirus outbreak caused a cancellation in a lot of school functions and field trips, including this play. While this was a huge disappointment for the Durant Theatre Company, they decided to look on the bright side of their situation by participating in The Coronavirus Time Capsule. This non-profit organization called Company Three is located in London, England and is all about teenagers expressing themselves through theater. Company Three has created a new mission for teens all over the world who are involved in theatre to create a time capsule filled with all the different ways these creative teenagers decided to do while in quarantine. Morgan Manigold is a senior at Durant and an active member of the Durant Theatre Company.

Manigold stated, “It is a great project to really document what this time was like for highly social and creative people like theatre kids … and how they dealt with it, and it is really cool to see how differently it is dealt with around the world.”

Morgan Manigold went on to explain that every week there is a new theme that everyone documents and submits to keep adding to the time capsule. To see the Durant Theatre Company’s weekly submissions for their time capsule, go to and check them out.

Overall, it has been a successful school year for the Durant Theatre Company. They had a fantastic production at the beginning of the year that not only was a big hit for the students at Durant, but also went on to win a “Superior” title at the District 9 One-Act Festival at USF; and while everything did not go as planned for the theater company as the end of the year drew closer, they closed it off by turning a negative situation into a positive one with their amazing time capsule project. The 2019 – 2020 year for the Durant Theatre Company is definitely one for the books.

Disney Springs Prepares to Reopen

As Florida eases social distancing regulations, Disney Springs will be the first major attraction in Florida to reopen.

Courtesy of Walt Disney

As Florida eases social distancing regulations, Disney Springs will be the first major attraction in Florida to reopen.

On Thursday, May 7, Walt Disney World Company made a statement that they will begin to reopen the Disney Springs shopping center in accordance with the current government and CDC guidelines in place.

The parks had originally closed on March 15, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic as an effort to help flatten the curve and keep guests safe. Late evening on Thursday, the Vice President of Disney Springs Matt Simon announced the partial reopening of Disney Springs. 

The area will begin opening by using a series of phases making sure to keep all cast members, employees, and guests as safe as possible. No word has yet been stated on what exact stores or restaurants will be opening at this time.

The reopening of the springs is scheduled to begin on May 20, 2020, while the rest of the theme parks are currently planning on remaining closed with no plan to reopen in the near future. The initial opening phase will include limitations on capacity, parking, and operating hours. 

The reopening will have new implemented safety measures including increased cleaning procedures, face coverings required by members of the cast and the visiting guests, and limited contact with guest services. Cast members will be required to attend additional safety training to help prepare for the reopening and return to work.

Simon states that the company will begin to use “learnings and ideas from leaders in the health and travel industries” and has been communicating with their unions on the proper ways to go about the shopping center’s reopening.

According to FOX 35, the reopening of the center will be partially modeled after the reopening at Shanghai’s Disney Town, a modified version of Disney Springs, which had reopened in early March, and Shanghai’s Disneyland, set to open May 11. 

The measures that were put in place on this park included a limited capacity of 30%, requirements for getting guests temperature checked at all entrances, and mandatory masks to be worn by guests. FOX 35 also states that visitors will be required to pass a health screening via a mobile app.  Many await the results of this opening in hopes of it shortening the timeline of the phases, causing the parks to open quicker.

Disney plans additional information considering procedures and protocols to be announced closer to the opening date. As the date draws closer they recommend checking for more up to date information.

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Faith Miller, Staff Writer

Faith Miller is a senior at Durant High School and is a Staff Writer for the Durant PawPrint. This year will be her fourth season on the varsity Durant...

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  • Durant Student Ricky Lin Becomes TikTok Famous

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    Durant Student Ricky Lin Becomes TikTok Famous

  • Sabrina Carpenter Releases A Song, Seemingly In Response to Olivia Rodrigo

    A & E

    Sabrina Carpenter Releases A Song, Seemingly In Response to Olivia Rodrigo

  • Olivia Rodrigo Releases Debut Song "Drivers License"

    A & E

    Olivia Rodrigo Releases Debut Song “Drivers License”

  • This Is A Test by Durant Theatre Company

    A & E

    This Is A Test by Durant Theatre Company

  • Florida

    A & E

    Florida’s First Snow Park, SnowCat Ridge, Opens to Public

  • A & E

    Thanksgiving Activities

  • Longtime Jeopardy Host Alex Trebek Dies At 80 After Battling Pancreatic Cancer

    A & E

    Longtime Jeopardy Host Alex Trebek Dies At 80 After Battling Pancreatic Cancer

  • Christopher Dello Russo Wins Gold Key at 2020 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

    A & E

    Christopher Dello Russo Wins Gold Key at 2020 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

  • Durant Theater Company

    A & E

    Durant Theatre Company Steals the Show

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