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So Much For Trump’s Border Wall                             Biden’s Like Come One, Come All

So Much For Trump’s Border Wall Biden’s Like Come One, Come All

Ayla Yebba, Staff Writer April 1, 2021

Over the past eight to nine weeks, a large influx of immigrants has filled the borders and pushed into the United States to claim asylum. President Biden is facing difficult decisions when it comes to...

Pokemon Legend: Arceus Expected To Be Released Next Year

Savanna Davidson March 31, 2021

With the past weeks being Nintendo Direct there was no expectations of the new Pokémon game being announced on February 26th. Nintendo announced a new open world Pokémon game that will bring many new...

Systematic Problems Give Rise to Asian American Hate Crimes

Allie Sigl, Design Editor March 30, 2021

China virus. Kung Flu. Go back to your country. As a first-generation Asian American, I am exhausted. Exhausted as a citizen of the United States that our country has not and will not properly...

Coach Cuellar congratulates Durant runner during one of their three games this season

Durant Softball Team Finds Success Despite Season Obstacles

Lily Belcher, Editor In Chief March 26, 2021

Durant High School’s Girls Varsity Softball team is in the middle of their season, having played in just three games since the season began with tryouts in January. While rival teams, such as Plant City...

Trumper, Donald Trumps new social media platform, is now in the making.

Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter…Trumper???

Former president Donald Trump prepares his return to social media platforms
Ayla Yebba, Staff Writer March 25, 2021

President Donald Trump was banned from Twitter in January. Since then, Donald Trump and his team have worked to create a new social media platform to bring the former President and TV star back online. Jason...

Corey Haim and Corey Feldman star in popular 80s movie License to Drive.

License To Drive-PawPrint Movie Recommendation

Ayla Yebba, Staff Writer March 24, 2021

License to Drive is the perfect coming of age movie that comically captures the experience teenagers and high school students have when earning their coveted driver’s license and key to freedom when...

Managing Editor, Rachel Hesse, making cookies for the winter paper and enjoying spending time with family in the process.

The Importance Of Cooking

Rachel Hesse, Managing Editor March 23, 2021

The kitchen, a place both feared and loved by many, is the heart of most all cooking. It also bears one of the most rewarding fruits of labor, food. Food is what gives human beings the energy to run, move,...

Durant High School Girls Varsity Lacrosse team is built on friendship and team bonding

Girls Lacrosse Team Credits Success To Teamwork

Lily Belcher, Editor In Chief March 19, 2021

Durant High School’s girls lacrosse team began their season on February 16, winning 16-3, but the season began long before with tryouts on January 25 and the practices leading up to their first game...

The federal minimum wage increase is causing arguments between democrats and republicans.

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

Democrats say more pay for workers, Republicans say more problems for small businesses
Ayla Yebba, Staff Writer March 18, 2021

Americans with low incomes are ecstatically waiting for the arrival of the expected $7.75 hourly wage increase to $15.00 an hour. Although a large percentage of Americans are eager to have this new found...

Why The Designated Hitter Should Be Part Of The AL And NL Lineups

Lily Belcher, Editor In Chief March 16, 2021

During the 2020 season, MLB had the opportunity to implement new protocols in a major league setting, one of which was a universal designated hitter. The debate between the National and American leagues...

Durant Girls Flag Football Team at the Bucs Preseason Classic Tournament

Tampa Bay Buccaneers and NFL Lead Way for Girls Flag Football

Allie Sigl, Design Editor March 12, 2021

Athletes sprint down the field as the quarterback scrambles in the pocket, looking for an open receiver. Those on the sidelines hold their breaths as the ball spirals through the air before landing itself...

Many Americans wonder why President Joe Biden hasnt held a press conference yet.

What’s Up Joe? Almost 50 Days Into His Term And Still No Press Conference.

Ayla Yebba, Staff Writer March 11, 2021

Citizens across America have been debating a newly controversial topic with regards to President Joe Biden. He has not had a  press conference since he was elected President in the 2020 election. USA...

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