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Bucs Win Super Bowl 55

Savanna Davidson February 21, 2021

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers arise victorious against Kansas City Chiefs late Sunday night at their home field. Quaterback Tom Brady made his tenth appearance in the Super Bowl wining his seventh, this time...

Tampa Bay Rays Begin Spring Training After Making Big Changes To Their Pitching Staff

Lily Belcher, Editor In Chief February 20, 2021

With the end of the Super Bowl and the coming of spring, baseball fans nationwide are busting out their jerseys and ball caps awaiting the first pitch of the season, which is less than two months away....

Durant Hockey Team Sweeps The Competition

Allie Sigl February 16, 2021

The Durant hockey team began its journey only four years ago, making it one of the youngest leagues in the Lightning High School Hockey League (LHSHL). After building up the program, the team has slowly...

Fans surround the Durant Unified Special Olympics Team after their victory

Durant Unified Olympics Flag Football Scrimmage

Lily Belcher, Editor In Chief February 14, 2021

Quarterback Joey Sarrica looked down the field to see all of his receivers covered and the opponent’s defensive line coming at him. After two pump fakes, Sarrica took off down the field, past the fifty,...

Durant small forward and shooting guard Aiden Jones makes a shot

eLearning B-baller Aiden Jones Returns To School

Ayla Yebba, Staff Writer February 5, 2021

Playing varsity basketball at school can be difficult. Playing varsity basketball from home is impossible. But that’s what Sophomore Aiden Jones has been doing since the beginning of basketball season. This...

Boyhood Dreams, A Never-Ending Passion For The Game

Lily Belcher, Editor in Chief January 25, 2021

In 2017, four years removed from their last playoff appearance, Rays’ manager Kevin Cash selected an ebullient former outfielder to fill the void left by the loss of first base coach Rocco Baldelli....

The Durant Cross Country Team celebrates in its win at the Hillsborough County Public Schools 2020 Regionals

Cross Country Seniors And Their High School Success

Allie Sigl, Design Editor January 10, 2021

After months of early mornings, long practices, and hard work, the Durant Cross Country Team’s work finally paid off as they came out victorious, clinching Durant’s first-ever district title in early...

Why The Heartbreaking Loss Of Blake Snell Might Be A Good Choice For The Rays

Lily Belcher, Editor In Chief December 30, 2020

On December 28, Rays fan woke up to the notification that pitching star Blake Snell would no longer be part of the Rays’ pitching rotation. The southpaw, who had been with the Rays since his major league...

Maggie Lauber stuns coaches and teammates with her impressive performance

Sophomore Maggie Lauber Dominates On Durant’s Basketball Court

Lily Belcher, Editor In Chief December 9, 2020

Two weeks ago, sophomore Maggie Lauber, starting point guard against Leto High School, dominated on the court with an impressive 24-point game and five steals. After being named player of the game by Coach...

Zahid Valencia

Riley Thomas, Business Manager October 20, 2020

Zahid Valencia, a wrestler from Arizona State, shocked the wrestling world heard about Valencia will be suspended for using substances right after he won gold at the Matteo Pellicone International. Although...

Durant Football Players Forced To Quarantine

Lily Belcher, Editor September 18, 2020

After a 13-10 loss last Friday to the Newsome Wolves, more unfortunate news was delivered to the Durant Cougars. Over the weekend, multiple starters from Newsome tested positive for Covid-19. Durant’s...

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