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In today’s world, accurate and ethical journalism is needed.

Through Durant’s journalism programs, students learn to responsibly report the stories around them and gain skills that will help them succeed in the world beyond our school walls.

In journalism, students learn the important history of the craft, as well as interviewing skills, marketing, advertising, social media impact, search engine optimization, graphic and web design, and the ethics that keep the profession something the masses can turn to for reliable and trust-worthy updates about our world.

By taking Journalism I, your student not only will receive a performing arts credit but they will also improve their writing and social skills while they work. They will also be able to continue their path into either Durant’s school newspaper or yearbook programs.

Visit guidance or the journalism class to add journalism to your schedule today!

The PawPrint Newspaper is a proud tradition of Durant High School.

As a student run publication, the PawPrint challenges students to take on leadership roles and to produce a product that appeals to the masses but also shares knowledge about what is occurring in the world today.


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