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Take this quiz to test how well you know Durant High School and its traditions.

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When was Durant founded?

1. 1996
2. 1994
3. 1997
4. 1995

Who founded Durant High School?

1. Gary Graham
2. Ron Frost
3. Kevin Durant
4. Michael Rodriguez

What is the Cougar Spirit Sticks' name?

This is the spirit stick won at pep rallies

1. Carl
2. Sticky
3. Cougar
4. Bob

How many official sports does Durant have?

Not including clubs. Sports with boy and girl teams count as 1. 

1. 13
2. 9
3. 17
4. 15

What are Durant’s official colors?

1. Green, gold, dark blue
2. Gold, dark blue, white
3. Green, gold, blue
4. Gold, dark blue, camo

How many principals has Durant had?

Including the current one

1. 5
2. 4
3. 6
4. 3

Who is Durant’s rival in football?

1. Jesuit High School
2. Newsome High School
3. Plant City High School
4. Bloomingdale High School

What is the first sentence of the Durant fight song?

1. Fight for the Blue and the Gold
2. Stand up and cheer for the Cougars
3. Marching our way on to victory
4. Together we will prevail

Where is the Durant Alma Mater located?

1. In the auditorium
2. At the front of the school
3. In the gymnasium
4. In the office

When does the Brew Crew sell coffee?

1. Tuesday and Thursdays
2. Everyday
3. Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays
4. Every Monday and Friday

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Durant Trivia Quiz

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