What kind of pie are you?

Based on your fall and Thanksgiving preferences, determine what Thanksgiving pie you are.


Question 1 of 9.

What season do you prefer?

1. Summer
2. Winter
3. Fall
4. Spring
Question 2 of 9.

What is your go to drink during fall?

1. Hot chocolate
2. Apple Cider
3. Coffee
4. Tea
Question 3 of 9.

What dessert do you prefer on Thanksgiving?

1. Pie
2. Cake
3. Anything else
Question 4 of 9.

How are your Thanksgiving desserts prepared?

1. From scratch, using family recipes
2. Pre-packaged material
3. Store bought
4. Someone else brought them
Question 5 of 9.

What are you doing for Black Friday?

1. Going out and waiting in lines
2. Online shopping
3. Staying in bed
4. Decorating for winter holidays
Question 6 of 9.

What part of the turkey do you want?

1. Leg
2. Wing
3. Thigh
4. Breast
Question 7 of 9.

What is the leftovers situation?

1. There are no leftovers
2. Only the cranberry sauce is left
3. The leftovers will last for days.
Question 8 of 9.

What are you watching on t.v. on Thanksgiving?

1. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
2. Football
3. Hallmark movies
4. Nothing, I fell asleep after eating
Question 9 of 9.

What's the most comfortable to wear during fall?

A cute top and a skirt
A hoodie with a pair of yoga pants
A t-shirt and a pair of jeans
A sweater and a pair of leggings

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What kind of pie are you?

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