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Donald Trump Makes History By Being The First President To Go Through The Impeachment Process Twice


Making history again is the 45th president of the United States who is being impeached for the second time, which has never happened in all of American history. Democrats and a small group of Republican members in the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Trump on January 13th.

According to the charges brought forth to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, President Trump was impeached based on his alleged violation of the Constitution through obstruction of Congress and Abuse of Power. His recent impeachment led to a serious debate of whether it is even constitutional to impeach a former president.

Democrats all across the country pushed for conviction in Trump’s second impeachment. In an article published last month by Vox writers Ella Nilsen and Li Zhou, they explain that “Democrats say their reasons to move forward with impeachment are self-evident: They can be seen in the destruction of the US Capitol after a mob of violent Trump supporters invaded on [Jan. 6th].”
Democrats believe Trump encouraged violence because he wasn’t convinced that Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election fairly.

Speaker Pelosi says, “President Trump spent weeks laying the groundwork for Jan. 6th to halt the counting of electoral college ballots, incited a mob to “fight like hell” & assault the Capitol, then refused to intervene to stop the attack.”

Why would representatives bother to impeach a president that is already leaving office?

The answer leans towards the fact that democrats never want Trump to step foot into a position that governs the country again. A conviction through the impeachment process would have made sure that never happened again.

Republicans feel that it is unnecessary to impeach someone who is already out of office because it is a waste of time, energy and money. Elvia Diaz, a writer for the Arizona Republic shared a quote from Ted Cruz saying “The democrats want a week of political theater raging at Donald Trump… [This trial reminds] me of Shakespeare. It’s full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

Democrats’ counter argument is that if Trump avoided impeachment simply because he’s out of office, then that grants future presidents impunity for violations during their final days of office. This would exempt them from any punishment for wrongdoing. In the same article, Trump’s legal team insists that since he is a former president and now a “private citizen” he is immune to impeachment.

So what does Durant think about the impeachment?

A poll was conducted on the Durant Pawprint Newspaper Instagram where the question: “Do you think the impeachment of former President Trump is necessary?” was asked. Out of 77 votes 51% were supporting the impeachment of Trump while 49% opposed the impeachment.

Regardless of the many opinions about the impeachment, one thing seems evident. According to Senator Ted Cruz, the whole process is going to end with failure. “It is going to end with the president being acquitted. In order for the president to be convicted, it takes 67 votes in the U.S Senate. That’s not going to happen…It’s not going to get close to 67 votes. Every one of the 100 senators knows that… but this is political theater.”

What ended up happening…

At the end of this eventful trial, democrats failed to reach the needed supermajority votes. It ended in 57 senators supporting Trump’s conviction and 43 voting to acquit him. Seven republicans voted against former President Trump to have him convicted. Those seven are now facing backlash from their party because they voted to convict Trump. Democrats only needed 10 more votes to convict Trump, but their hopes for impeachment success failed to happen.

About the Writer
Photo of Ayla Yebba
Ayla Yebba, Staff Writer

Ayla Yebba is a sophomore at Durant High School. She enjoys writing political articles so she can share the truth and facts with her school and community....

eLearning B-baller Aiden Jones Returns To School

eLearning B-baller Aiden Jones Returns To School

Playing varsity basketball at school can be difficult. Playing varsity basketball from home is impossible. But that’s what Sophomore Aiden Jones has been doing since the beginning of basketball season.


This school year, Jones was enrolled in eLearning for the first semester while playing on Durant’s varsity basketball team, but he recently switched back to in person schooling.


On Durant’s team, Jones plays small forward and shooting guard. These positions require quickness, ability to rebound, adept ball handling, inside and outside scoring ability and strong defensive guarding. According to, Jones is ranked 59th in the state with a higher blocking average than the national average.


Throughout his eLearning experience his mother kept him motivated to keep his grades up and helped him get to basketball events on time. “My mom stays on top of my school to make sure I’m doing good and getting my stuff done, but with basketball I handle that on my own. She gets me to my practice, training sessions and games which helps a lot.”


When asked about the experience he had eLearning, Jones said, “I’ve definitely gotten better with eLearning even though motivation isn’t as high… It’s all about time management… And it’s good to get back and see friends,” said Jones.


Jones first started with Durant’s basketball team in 8th grade, and he encourages anyone who is thinking about joining the team to “Just come out and try. We have eight seniors this year, so a lot of spots will open up next year.”


As for his future, Jones hopes to play college basketball and then later on play professional ball. He doesn’t know exactly where he plans to attend but does have a goal he’s working towards.


“I know I want to play basketball in college and would like to play after, but anything can happen.”

About the Writer
Photo of Ayla Yebba
Ayla Yebba, Staff Writer

Ayla Yebba is a sophomore at Durant High School. She enjoys writing political articles so she can share the truth and facts with her school and community....

Newly Popular Netflix Show Cobra Kai Is Kicking The Competition


"Guy D'Alema "; Guy D'Alema

Cobra Kai is a super popular comedy-drama television series streaming on Netflix and based on the original Karate Kid films of the 1980s. Cobra Kai picks up the storyline 34 years after the infamous All Valley Karate Championship in which young Daniel Larusso defeats his karate bully nemesis, Johnny Lawrence. Now, Daniel is a successful car dealership owner and Johnny is a washed-up struggling and unemployed maintenance man when their paths cross again.

Returning in their original roles are Ralph Macchio as Daniel and William Zabka as Johnny. Throughout the series, there are special appearances from other actors/actresses reprising their earlier roles from the original Karate Kid movies.

This renewal of the classic and iconic coming of age story has taken the streaming world by surprise. YouTube Red launched Cobra Kai’s first and second seasons in 2018-2019. Netflix bought the show in June 2020 and released the third season earlier this month. Since launching on Netflix more than 73 million people have watched the series and have been giving great reviews to the director and actors of the show.

One thing that was very helpful on the director’s and editor’s part was showing flashbacks to climatic events in the original movies. It kept the story going and made it more understandable to viewers who may not have seen the original films.

According to Freshman Giselle Jaimes, “Cobra Kai is better than other shows in a way because it connects to a movie from a long time ago. Now the characters are adults and you get to see how they’re doing later on. I liked how they used the same actors as well.”

The writers of Cobra Kai have cleverly included many engaging and familiar scenes for viewers who saw the first Karate Kid movie. The discrete, but catchable humorous lines/actions shown have made it much more intriguing and captivating to watch.

Another interesting twist is that Cobra Kai has completely changed the way the audience feels about the characters. In the Karate Kid, Johnny is the antagonist and is seen as a really awful person. He continuously gangs up on Daniel with his fellow Cobra Kai dojo members. Fast-forwarding into their adult lives Johnny is portrayed as a much more likable character and you actually feel sorry for him. The show also gives a small backstory explaining why Johnny acts the way he does because of the way he was raised and even how he got into his love of Karate. Sophomore Cameron Marvel says that between Daniel and Johnny, he “…[likes] Johnny better because he feels like a more relatable character”.

Critics and fans of the show encourage people who have not watched Cobra Kai yet to at least see the first Karate Kid movie to better their understanding of the show. Cobra Kai does an amazing job explaining things that are important to know during the show, but by watching the original movie you will catch many things that other viewers won’t.

Junior Jacob Malinchak has seen the first Karate Kid movie and thinks “…you have to understand why [these characters] hate each other and why they are the way they are. Like why Johnny is apprehensive about Creese and so on”.

So just after three seasons, Cobra Kai has soared to the top of streaming shows. Its community of both new and old fans is eagerly awaiting the arrival of season 4 which is currently in the works. Stay tuned.

About the Writer
Photo of Ayla Yebba
Ayla Yebba, Staff Writer

Ayla Yebba is a sophomore at Durant High School. She enjoys writing political articles so she can share the truth and facts with her school and community....

46th Inauguration To Welcome President Biden Is Looking A Little Different


On Wednesday, January 20th the United States of America hosted a traditional ceremony for the newly elected 46th president, Joe Biden.


While massive crowds usually attend the event due to the current Covid-19 conditions and the recent unauthorized entering of the Capitol by a group of rowdy pro-Trump supporters protesting the legitimacy of the election, this year’s audience was limited. However, several former presidents including Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama attended the event with their respective first ladies. The celebration was minimal compared to previous ceremonies. Americans and the rest of the world watched the inauguration in the comfort of their home on major news networks.


The inauguration began with Lady Gaga singing the National Anthem. Followed by Garth Brooks and Jennifer Lopez.


At the beginning of President Biden’s inaugural speech, he stated that his “…whole soul is in this, bringing America together, uniting our people, uniting our nation, and [he] asks every American to join [him] in this cause”. He further spoke about the current violence, destructiveness, and separation in the country. President Biden believes that when Americans are all united, they will be able to overcome Covid-19, make healthcare available to all, make the middle class stronger, and, finally, ensure racial justice. Overall, his speech focused on unity between all Americans. According to him, Americans have allowed themselves to become divided for our opinions and beliefs.


One other major event of the inauguration was Kamala Harris being sworn in as the first African American and Woman vice president of the United States of America.


A recent poll of 162 randomly selected Durant students showed 47% watched the Biden inauguration. “I think it’s incredibly exciting that we have our first female Vice President. It’s so important for young boys and girls to see the possibilities for their future reflected in their government,” said senior Laura Newman.


Others really felt like the new president’s message of unity was spot on. Freshman Destiny Dean said “I see the United States as one. I can say probably by the end of his term there won’t be as much hate in the United States as [there] was in the last four years. Everyone can love each other for who they are and respect each other’s opinions and racism wouldn’t be as big [of] a problem as it is today.”


Americans overall are looking for something to make 2021 a better year than 2020.

About the Writer
Photo of Ayla Yebba
Ayla Yebba, Staff Writer

Ayla Yebba is a sophomore at Durant High School. She enjoys writing political articles so she can share the truth and facts with her school and community....

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