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Christopher Dello Russo Wins Gold Key at 2020 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards


The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards are given to young artists and writers who are enrolled in high school that have exceptional artistic skills and literary talents. Students across North America can submit to any of the 29 categories; and, in 2019, over 320,000 works were submitted to the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards contest. Students from public schools, private schools, and students who are homeschooled are all welcome to submit something to any of the 29 categories. About 300,000 dollars is given out every year for scholarships to the winners.

Winners are recognized at a local ceremony near the student’s school district. However, top placers, titled Gold Key winners, move on from this ceremony to a national contest. If selected nationally, these students are honored with an award presentation in New York City at Carnegie Hall.

Durant High School student Christopher Dello Russo, a 2020 Gold Key winner for poetry and short stories, said he likes to write about horror and comedy. Dello Russo said he writes because he enjoys writing. Dello Russo began writing in fifth grade after reading the Percy Jackson book series, which encouraged him to read more fiction books.

Dello Russo said his English teachers inspired him to write more and so he submitted to the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Dello Russo also said “I thought I had a good chance at winning a Gold Key and when I won, it was a pleasant surprise.” Now that Dello Russo has won a Gold Key, it makes him proud that he has been recognized as a winner.

Dello Russo said “writing as a job is a perfect way of making me stop enjoying it, so I’ll keep it as a hobby.” Dello Russo does not plan to go to New York City where all of the winners are honored, but is satisfied with his level of recognition.

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Cirque du Art


Karly Schmid-Gavini

Durant’s Cirque du Art exhibition

On November 16, Durant High School hosted their fall art show, “Cirque Du Art.” The Durant National Art Honors Society (NAHS) brainstormed and prepped this show since October, and the outcome was better then they had expected.

The personalized decorations and many different mediums of art by the art students at Durant. There were many canvases painted with oil paint or acrylic paint, ceramic pieces that were made to show artists imaginative side, and wire and wood décor made by the NAHS.

Raven Clark, senior and Durant national art honors society’s president, said “I feel like it went really well, I think it’s really exciting that the art community can get out here and even if we are just in a school, everybody’s coming and enjoying the show.” Raven was very happy at the amount of people that showed up and was very proud of the outcome of the event.

The exhibits were stunning. There were two rooms that were filled with ceramic projects, paintings, paper projects which showed how creative and talented the students in the art program really are.

I asked Hayley King, junior, who is also in Mr. Bowers 2-D art class and had two unnamed pieces in the art show. “I really like the piece that has all of the ceramic butterflies coming down from the ceiling,” she said, “I don’t know why, I’m just drawn to it.” Hayley thinks that the art show is important because it helps showcase what the art students hare capable of. “I think this is one of our best ones.” King said, referring to the art show.

The art show really showed the student body what the art program has been up to since the beginning of the year, there was many positive things said from teachers and students, the comment box was overflowing with positive comments!

“Adventure Beyond Compare”

Guest Poem Submission

Adventure Beyond Compare



Abigail was a curious little girl,

Belonging to the Wellocke family, daughter of the King’s General.

Countless jewels cover her neck and decorate the hilt of her sword.

Determined to find adventure

Every morning she ventures through the woods

Farther each day with growing excitement

Gasping at each new wonder she found.

Hush child, she reminds herself

Incredible monsters hunt in the dark shadows of these woods

Just enough fear to fill her will adrenaline

Keen senses notice all the colors in the air

Lost in her own mind

Malice overcomes her heart, preparing her

Never has she felt this power

Oblivious to the wolf stalking her from above.

Power from the wolf’s body throws her to the ground

Quasar eyes stare through her soul.

Rushing through her mind: What a story this will make.

Silk cloth torn from her cloak caught in the creature’s teeth.

Tomorrow will not come if she waits

Unsure if she remembered to breathe, she moves

Valor aids her as she grips her sword and begins her dance.

Washed in the blood of a lifeless beast, her sword dripping.

Xanadu grew in the trees and the sunlight, echoing her first victory.

Yearning to taste more of the thrill and danger.

Zaftig from her discovery.


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